Sunday, September 13, 2009

Windows 7 and *NEW* blog.

Okay, I was sick of my old blogging site so I moved. I'll be posting past blogs here as well just to preview later on. I'm working on getting a domain of my own. ;D

Now, if you're a PC user, please just bear with this. I try to remain unbiased about Windows and Mac, but I am a Mac user. I've been hearing about Windows 7 and all its great NEW features, so I went to the website today to check out these NEW features for myself. The first thing I see mentioned is the new Taskbar that allows Windows users to place their most used programs on it to keep them within a one-click reach. :| Ummm... yeah... it's called "Dock" and Mac has had it for years.

On to the next feature. Oh. Wow. You can scroll over files and see a preview before you open it. :| It's called "Stacks" and, yes, Mac has had it for awhile now. Next NEW feature, please.

Oooo... desktop enhancements... what's this? "To see your desktop just move your mouse to the lower right corner of your desktop. That'll make all the open Windows transparent—so your desktop is immediately visible. Want to get all but one window out of your way? Grab the top of that window..." Wait... are they talking about Expose? Yes, yes they are.

Let me shorten this up a bit:
Windows: Mac:
Windows Search Spotlight
Homegroup Uhhh.. you really have to have a name for something so simple?
VAN Again... you have to NAME that feature? Isn't it standard?
"Enhancements" Expose and Stacks

Please, please, PLEASE don't let this be another OS like Vista. Well, if it is, I don't think Windows will have any other choice but to start making XP available again.

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