Friday, September 25, 2009

*Spotlight* Five-For "The Only Japanese Music Magazine You Need"

Five-For is a bi-monthly Japanese music magazine written in ENGLISH! It's written by the fans, for the fans. The latest issue (12) features Miyavi (^.^), Kra, FAKE?, YOMI, Suicide Ali, Nightmare, Alice Nine, Merry, and Ondekoza. Every issue includes things like what is "Big" in Japan, a guide to different places to see in Japan (including a Repeat or Delete? feature about if a place is worth the visit), and a Style guide. Order your copy here!

Monday, September 21, 2009

Miyavi. Is. Coming. 2009 World Tour

You heard right Co-Miyavi! It was just announced on Miyavi's official website that he has opened up THREE US tour dates! This fan-girl is raring to go!

Venue: The Fillmore New York at Irving Plaza Location: New York, NY Date: October 28, 2009 (Wednesday) PRE-SALE October 1, 2009 (Thursday) ON SALE October 3, 2009 (Saturday) --------------------------- Venue: Tabernacle Location: Atlanta, GA Date: October 30, 2009 (Friday) ON SALE October 3, 2009 (Saturday) --------------------------- Venue: House of Blues Dallas Location: Dallas, TX Date: November 2, 2009 (Monday) Door Open: 6:00PM/Show Start: 7:00PM ON SALE September 26, 2009 (Saturday) 11:00 AM (From Co-Miyavi Worldwide blog)

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Asian Drama Review: Smiling Pasta

Title: Wei Xiao Pasta (Smiling Pasta)

Genre: Romance/Comedy

Language: Taiwanese

Year: 2006

Episodes: 17

Summery: Xiao Shi is a girl who lives with her family that owns an Italian pasta restaurant. She was cursed by Ah Zhe, the guy she had feelings for from her university, so none of her relationships would last longer than 3 months. He Qun, a famous singer, was dumped by his long term girlfriend, Rita, for his brother, Ah Zhe. On the way home after her 17th boyfriend dumped her on their 3 month anniversary, she is bumped into by He Qun and the paparazzi take pictures of their “kiss” in the streets. After the picture of He Qun and Xiao Shi’s “kiss” is published, He Qun’s manager, Vincent, announces Xiao Shi as He Qun’s fiancĂ©e to maintain the pop star's reputation, and so begins their “relationship”.

Review: This drama is full of great singers. Nicholas Teo plays as He Qun,

and Cyndi Wang plays as Cheng Xiao Shi. Nicholas’s character wasn’t snobby as most pop-idols are portrayed in dramas. Instead, his character can get quite deep with a traumatic past and a passion to write and sing his OWN songs. He also has big problems with his father who works in politics. Because of the accident involving Ah Zhe and his old girlfriend, Ah Zhe moves out and their father pushes the blame on He Qun for the accident. He also doesn’t keep it a secret that he hates both of his sons’ passion for music.

Xiao Shi is a strange girl. She works with her family (mom, dad, grandpa, brother, sister-in-law, and a random guy who says Xiao Shi is his) at their family’s pasta restaurant. I would say her personality would be simpleminded and kindhearted. She always seems to see the best in people and is quick to overlook minor details in their attitudes. Her motto is "There is nothing you cannot overcome, as long as you smile".

Ah Zhe, played by Gino (Cai Shang Fu), is a character you love to love, or

love to hate, or both.He keeps a deep grudge against his brother for an accident involving his old girlfriend, and more recently for “selling out” and becoming a pop-idol. Ah Zhe is actually a surprisingly good guy though, if you don’t count the attitude toward his brother. He’s the school’s idol, so to speak, as he takes care of the students of the school and bails them out of trouble whenever he can.

Best Small Character: A surprisingly likeable character was He Qun’s manager, Vincent, played by Di Zhi Jie. He keeps the band together through all the ordeals He Qun and Xiao Shi put them through. He also pushes He Qun to keep up his “act” and do things for Xiao Shi to keep them looking like a real couple.

Monday, September 14, 2009

New and Upcoming Releases J/K Rock

First on the list is Girugemesh's new release coming out on December 16. There's three types of releases. The Limited Type A includes 9 songs plus 1 special arranged song, and a DVD that includes the music videos to "Alive" and "Border" and also includes behind the scenes and lots of other special features. Type B has the 9 songs and a DVD with a different version of the "Border" music video and Behind scenes. The regular edition includes 9 songs plus 3 new songs. Also Girugemesh's new single "Crying Rain" is going to be out on October 17.

Dir en grey has a music video collection coming out October 28th. The DVD has 13 tracks including the FULL version of "Vinashka", "Conceived Sorrow", and "Uroboros".

Kagraa has a limited edition cd with DVD featuring the "Shiki" music video coming out on October 21.

On October 7th the Gazette has a new single "Before I Decay" with a bonus DVD with the music video.

Okay, here's a good one. It's D'espairsRay tenth anniversary single "Final Call" with a documentary DVD of their European tour. It came out on September 9th.

Here's another of my favorites, Arashi. On September 10th they came out with their "All the BEST 1999-2009" cd which also includes a new song dedicated to their fans for their 10th anniversary, "5x10".

Stepping over to Korea for a moment, there's G-Dragon from Big Bang with the lead singer's first solo album! It's called "Heartbreaker" and was released August 31st. It is WELL worth looking into. Of course, there was a slight drama over the title song. Some believe the song to be plagiarized because the beginning sounds like Florida's "Right Round". Right now it's decided that it IS NOT plagiarized, but just in case it has been sent to the original creators of "Right Round" to make sure. Watch the music video on youtube and you'll see G-Dragon does an excellent job on his own, but I still love the group together. If you're new to Big Bang I suggest viewing "Haru Haru".


Happy Birthday, Miyavi!

Happy Birthday to Miyavi-san! Yes, today is Miyavi's birthday and as he stated months ago he's celebrating his birthday with his fans. His 2nd world tour kicks off today at Tokyo Dome. Good luck!

(Picture is Miyavi's reaction from his fans Birthday wishes on his official Myspace page. Notice the new hairdo. ^.^)

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Windows 7 and *NEW* blog.

Okay, I was sick of my old blogging site so I moved. I'll be posting past blogs here as well just to preview later on. I'm working on getting a domain of my own. ;D

Now, if you're a PC user, please just bear with this. I try to remain unbiased about Windows and Mac, but I am a Mac user. I've been hearing about Windows 7 and all its great NEW features, so I went to the website today to check out these NEW features for myself. The first thing I see mentioned is the new Taskbar that allows Windows users to place their most used programs on it to keep them within a one-click reach. :| Ummm... yeah... it's called "Dock" and Mac has had it for years.

On to the next feature. Oh. Wow. You can scroll over files and see a preview before you open it. :| It's called "Stacks" and, yes, Mac has had it for awhile now. Next NEW feature, please.

Oooo... desktop enhancements... what's this? "To see your desktop just move your mouse to the lower right corner of your desktop. That'll make all the open Windows transparent—so your desktop is immediately visible. Want to get all but one window out of your way? Grab the top of that window..." Wait... are they talking about Expose? Yes, yes they are.

Let me shorten this up a bit:
Windows: Mac:
Windows Search Spotlight
Homegroup Uhhh.. you really have to have a name for something so simple?
VAN Again... you have to NAME that feature? Isn't it standard?
"Enhancements" Expose and Stacks

Please, please, PLEASE don't let this be another OS like Vista. Well, if it is, I don't think Windows will have any other choice but to start making XP available again.

Credit link.

Friday, September 11, 2009

Miyavi back in the US?!

Recently I heard the news that Miyavi was trying to make a US venue for his 2nd world tour, "Neo Tokyo Samurai Black Tour 2009". This is his first major project as the President of his own company, J-Glam, after leaving the PS Company.

Skeptic, I went in search on the official sites for confirmation. On Miyavi’s official site under the tour dates list is a *New* column with a pending US and European listing!

Still not exactly satisfied, I went to Miyavi’s blog on Myspace where he stated, “U.S.~ASIA it will be a lil bit until we can announce some dates, so stay tuned.” So I guess THAT makes it official! Miyavi IS looking for venues in the US. Start making plans now fanboys and girls, the Japanese Samurai Guitarist may be coming back to rock the US again!

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Apple Press Conference '09

Yep, it’s that time again! Earlier today the Apple press conference was held with the talk of all the new gadgets and play-pretties. First that caught my eye was the new iTunes9. It has a new LP feature which not only downloads songs, but also lyrics, notes, videos, and photos. Very cool. The store layout any everything is new and shiny as well.

One feature it’s still missing is being able to buy songs internationally. So if you want that new Yuna Ito album you still have to make a separate account on iTunes Japan and order a Japanese iTunes card.

The BIGGEST announcement was the price cut on all the iPods and the NEW iPod Nano. Here’s where it gets good. Try a VIDEO RECORDER with SOUND on your iPod. Sweet, huh? Now take that same iPod and add a FM radio with a live pause feature. Sweeeeeet.

Also, if you have a Mac and haven’t loaded Snow Leopard yet, do so. It’s worth it just to get the new Quicktime X and flashy new Stacks features. ;)

Friday, September 4, 2009


If you love Asian drama/movies/anime etc... this is most defiantly going to be one your favorite websites. Where else can you buy goods like the ENTIRE “Kamen Rider Kiva” series english subbed for only $40 (including shipping)? charges $75 for this! It is also the original Japanese version, with original DVDs, not copies like those cheaper versions floating around. It's well worth the look.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

What's with Gackt?

Gackt (excuse me, GACKT as he now uses all caps. lol.) has not been very... Gackt-ish as of late. Sure, he put out a few new good songs including “The New Decade” and “Jesus”, but he also had a few follies like with “Ghost”. Honestly, what happened to the artistic one-of-a-kind Gackt? It seems as if our Gackt has fallen to mainstream. Of course, all fans know about his announcement to retire in 2010, and hopefully he’ll end on a better note than “Flower”.

Also, be looking for his Hollywood movie “Bunraku” (with Josh Hartnett and Demi Moore) to be released in 2009/2010. Can’t wait for that one!

(Maybe he wants to focus on a movie career instead?)