Monday, September 14, 2009

New and Upcoming Releases J/K Rock

First on the list is Girugemesh's new release coming out on December 16. There's three types of releases. The Limited Type A includes 9 songs plus 1 special arranged song, and a DVD that includes the music videos to "Alive" and "Border" and also includes behind the scenes and lots of other special features. Type B has the 9 songs and a DVD with a different version of the "Border" music video and Behind scenes. The regular edition includes 9 songs plus 3 new songs. Also Girugemesh's new single "Crying Rain" is going to be out on October 17.

Dir en grey has a music video collection coming out October 28th. The DVD has 13 tracks including the FULL version of "Vinashka", "Conceived Sorrow", and "Uroboros".

Kagraa has a limited edition cd with DVD featuring the "Shiki" music video coming out on October 21.

On October 7th the Gazette has a new single "Before I Decay" with a bonus DVD with the music video.

Okay, here's a good one. It's D'espairsRay tenth anniversary single "Final Call" with a documentary DVD of their European tour. It came out on September 9th.

Here's another of my favorites, Arashi. On September 10th they came out with their "All the BEST 1999-2009" cd which also includes a new song dedicated to their fans for their 10th anniversary, "5x10".

Stepping over to Korea for a moment, there's G-Dragon from Big Bang with the lead singer's first solo album! It's called "Heartbreaker" and was released August 31st. It is WELL worth looking into. Of course, there was a slight drama over the title song. Some believe the song to be plagiarized because the beginning sounds like Florida's "Right Round". Right now it's decided that it IS NOT plagiarized, but just in case it has been sent to the original creators of "Right Round" to make sure. Watch the music video on youtube and you'll see G-Dragon does an excellent job on his own, but I still love the group together. If you're new to Big Bang I suggest viewing "Haru Haru".


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