Thursday, September 3, 2009

What's with Gackt?

Gackt (excuse me, GACKT as he now uses all caps. lol.) has not been very... Gackt-ish as of late. Sure, he put out a few new good songs including “The New Decade” and “Jesus”, but he also had a few follies like with “Ghost”. Honestly, what happened to the artistic one-of-a-kind Gackt? It seems as if our Gackt has fallen to mainstream. Of course, all fans know about his announcement to retire in 2010, and hopefully he’ll end on a better note than “Flower”.

Also, be looking for his Hollywood movie “Bunraku” (with Josh Hartnett and Demi Moore) to be released in 2009/2010. Can’t wait for that one!

(Maybe he wants to focus on a movie career instead?)

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