Thursday, May 6, 2010

MUCC "Libra" lyrics & downloads

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Lyrics to Libra [ English ] :
With your dominant arm, you grab the reality
With your other arm, you up-hold the morality
You light up the love deep in your heart
You weigh things up with the scales inside your head
Inside the dense and thick darkness, you hide your own shadow
The sound of the dirty abacus, echoes in the world - please stop!

In this world where feelings are only a hinderance,
shoot and kill me!
Who is using the scale?
Who is using the abacus?
Who is playing the Humelin flute?
Who is the boy that cried wolf?
Rather than caring about these things right now, i love you!

Flower, now in full bloom, already late in telling me
The meaning of living right here, right now
the meaning of tomorrows coming

With your dominant arm, you have desire
With yyour other arm you hide immorality
If you could shut love deep away in your heart
the saint in your head will laugh
The brave flower that growns in the vacant lot,
surrounded by the tower buildings that take away the sunlights rays
people eyes are glared by these buildings
soon, the flower stopped breathing
the wind was only gentley caressing
only wind was gentley caressing

The thing about living, that is like wondeirng in the darkness, not able to see a thing,
the thing about dying, that, is also darkness, "the end" is no way "the beggining"
Thats why we need to light up the darkness now
burn up our life in a flash after realising our radiance
the proof of life is hard to reach but strong

Flower, now in full bloom, you had told me
the meaning of living right here, right now,
the meaning of tomorrows coming
I am going to die someday
what can I do for you?
rays of light shine eternally from the rising sun onto this world. 

Libra [Romaji]

kikiude ni genjitsu o tori
mou kataude ni doutoku o kazashi
mune no oku ni ai o tomoshite atama no naka de tenbin ni kakeru
ussou to shigeru yami no naka
jibun no kage o kakusu you ni
kitanai SOROBAN hajiku oto nari hibiku
sekai yo tomare

kanjou wa jama ni naru dake no sekai sa
uchikoroshitekure yo
tenbin ni kaketa no wa dare?
SOROBAN de hajiku no wa dare?
HAAMERUN no fuefuki wa dare?
ookami shounen wa ittai dare?
sonna no doudemo ii hodo
ima kimi o aishiteru yo

hana yo ima sakihokore
boku ni oshieteokure
ima koko ni ikiru imi o
asu ga kuru wake o

kikiude ni yokubou o mochi
mou kataude ni haitoku o kakushi
mune no oku ni ai o tozaseba
atama no naka de seija ga warau
akichi ni saku kenage na hana
furisosogu hikari o ubau BIRU ga sobietachi
hitobito wa sono BIRU ni me o kagayakase
yagate hana wa kokyuu o tometa
kaze ga tada yasashiku nadeta
kaze dake ga yasashiku nareta

ikiru koto sore wa
nani mo mienai yami no naka o samayou you na
shinu koto sore mo mata yami
owari wa keshite hajimari dewa nai
dakara koso ima yami o terasu
saikou ni naru you inochi moyasu
kagayaki o hanatsunda
ikiteru akashi hakanaku tsuyoku

hana yo ima sakihokore
kimi ga oshietekureta
ima koko ni ikiru imi o
asu ga kuru wake o
itsunohika shiniyuku boku wa
kimi ni nani ga dekiru darou
hi wa nobori hikari wo sosogu
towa ni kono sekai ni

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Monday, May 3, 2010

Upcoming Releases+D'espairsray US Tour

July 7th
"Untitled" Girugamesh single. Limited ed. comes with DVD of their January performance at Shinkiba Studio Coast

June 23rd
"a:Fantasia" Nightmare single. Limited ed. comes with DVD of the a:Fantasia music video.

June 30th
"Recreation 2" Acid Black Cherry. Includes DVD music clip.

June 16th
"Untitled" Gackt single including "Dragon Next" from the on-line rpg. Comes with a bonus DVD and a bonus item.

June 9th
"Tell Me Goodbye" Big Bang single. Limited ed. comes with DVD with music video of "Tell Me Goodbye" and a T.O.P. figure. (*sold out of lmt. ed on cdJapan).

D'espairsRay Pictures, Images and Photos

*On April 23 & 24, D'ESPAIRSRAY held concerts to commemorate the release of new single "LOVE IS DEAD"released this month. In the concert, they announced that their new album release is scheduled in late July and they will tour worldwide after that. They will start US tour in August, after returning home they will hold 11th anniversary concert on September 9th at SHIBUYA-AX.

Monday, March 29, 2010

Movie Review: Tajomaru

I had been waiting for subs for this movie ever since the DVD came out. I was disappointed that the DVD didn't come with subs, but DLAZNMovies finally had a copy. Here's the specs:

Set sometime in the late Muromachi period, Naomitsu Hatakeyama (Shun Oguri!!!!) is the second son of the distinguished Hatakeyama family. His lifelong friend and and love interest is Ako-hime (Yuki Shibamoto). When Ako-hime's father dies, Yoshimasa Ashikaga (Kenichi Hagiwara) elicits a decree that will forever change their fates.

Soon afterwards, Naomitsu is betrayed by his very own brother Nobutsuna Hatakeyama (Hiroyuki Ikeuchi), who plans to forcibly take Ako-hime for himself. Naomitsu loves Ako-hime so much that he is ready to give up his life and flee into the mountains with Ako-hime. While travelling through the mountains, Naoitsu soon faces another betrayal, this time from retainer Sakuramaru (Kei Tanaka), a man Naomitsu once saved from death and took care of like a brother.

Naomitsu Hatakeyama then comes back as Tajomaru ....


Shun Oguri did not disappoint in his roll as Naomitsu/Tajomaru. I have to say that this is the best movie he had been a part of so far. Naomitsu as a character was very well developed and believable. Love, pain, and outrage changes the character though out the movie. He always states that he only wanted Ako, and that being the heir or inheriting a title or gold didn't matter to him at all.

Nobutsuna is the older brother and the heir of the Hatakeyama family. The beginning of the movie portrays Nobutsuna as the weaker brother, Naomitsu losing to him in things on purpose and stating he could never win against his older brother.

Sakuramaru is a hard character to accept. Let's leave it at that to keep away from spoilers.

Ako grew up with the brothers and even when they were small preferred Naomitsu over the older brother Nobutsuna. Later in the movie both her parents die and she is supposed to marry Nobutsuna in order to give him her father's title and gold. I really loved to hate this character.

The story line is excellent; marked by betrayal, love, misunderstandings, hatred, forgiveness, confusion... the list goes on and on.

And one thing I cannot leave out is the band of bandits Naomitsu travels with while under the name Tajomaru: Saru, Doken, Taka, and the others MADE the movie.

So... go watch. While waiting on an english subbed DVD, download a copy at DLAZNMOVIES, link in the corner.

Friday, March 19, 2010

American Re-Make of DeathNote

And the number 1 actor for Light Yagami is.......


Some idiot decided since Effron resembles Light from the manga, Effron would be a good actor to play Light.


There's nothing more I can say.

I have just read and signed the online petition: "DO NOT Cast Zac Effron as Light Yagami " hosted on the web by, the free online petition service, at: I personally agree with what this petition says, and I think you might agree, too. If you can spare a moment, please take a look, and consider signing yourself.

Miyavi North America Tour Dates!

2010/6/10 サンディエゴ , San Diego / House of Blues
2010/6/12 ロサンゼルス , Los Angeles / Club Nokia Live
2010/6/13 アナハイム , Anaheim / The Grove of Anaheim
2010/6/15 サンフランシスコ , San Francisco / The Fillmore
2010/6/17 バンクーバー , Vancouver / Commodore Ballroom
2010/6/18 シアトル , Seattle / Showbox
2010/6/23 シカゴ , Chicago / House of Blues
2010/6/24 トロント , Toronto / Sound Academy
2010/6/25 ボストン , Boston / Wilbur Theatre
2010/6/27 ニューヨーク , N.Y. / The Fillmore New York at Irving Plaza
2010/6/29 ワシントン , Washington / 9:30 Club
2010/7/1 アトランタ , Atlanta / Masquerade
2010/7 /3 ダラス , Dallas / House of Blues
2010/7/4 ヒューストン , Houston / House of Blues