Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Apple Press Conference '09

Yep, it’s that time again! Earlier today the Apple press conference was held with the talk of all the new gadgets and play-pretties. First that caught my eye was the new iTunes9. It has a new LP feature which not only downloads songs, but also lyrics, notes, videos, and photos. Very cool. The store layout any everything is new and shiny as well.

One feature it’s still missing is being able to buy songs internationally. So if you want that new Yuna Ito album you still have to make a separate account on iTunes Japan and order a Japanese iTunes card.

The BIGGEST announcement was the price cut on all the iPods and the NEW iPod Nano. Here’s where it gets good. Try a VIDEO RECORDER with SOUND on your iPod. Sweet, huh? Now take that same iPod and add a FM radio with a live pause feature. Sweeeeeet.

Also, if you have a Mac and haven’t loaded Snow Leopard yet, do so. It’s worth it just to get the new Quicktime X and flashy new Stacks features. ;)

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