Friday, September 11, 2009

Miyavi back in the US?!

Recently I heard the news that Miyavi was trying to make a US venue for his 2nd world tour, "Neo Tokyo Samurai Black Tour 2009". This is his first major project as the President of his own company, J-Glam, after leaving the PS Company.

Skeptic, I went in search on the official sites for confirmation. On Miyavi’s official site under the tour dates list is a *New* column with a pending US and European listing!

Still not exactly satisfied, I went to Miyavi’s blog on Myspace where he stated, “U.S.~ASIA it will be a lil bit until we can announce some dates, so stay tuned.” So I guess THAT makes it official! Miyavi IS looking for venues in the US. Start making plans now fanboys and girls, the Japanese Samurai Guitarist may be coming back to rock the US again!

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