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Asian Drama Review: Atashinchi no Danshi (My Boys)

Title: Atashinchi no Danshi (My Boys)

Genre: Drama/Comedy

Language: Japanese

Year: 2009

Episodes: 11


Chisato (Horikita Maki) is a 20 year old homeless girl. She’s homeless because she running from the yukaza (Japanese mafia). She’s running from the yukaza because her father, unbeknownst to Chisato, made her a co-signer of a hefty loan he took out and gambled away. Instead of taking on the dept himself, her ran and left Chisato and her mother. After her mother died, Chisato left out on her own living in a tent city in a park or a local net cafĂ©.

When the yukaza finally catch up to her, Okura Shinzo (Kusakari Masao), the president of “Miracle Toymaker” shows up on the scene and pays off her debt. The catch? She has to agree to be his wife for 30 days, since he only had 30 days left to live.

Chisato agrees, but after Shinzo dies, she finds more to the contract she signed. Now in order to not repay the debt, she has to become the “mother” of Shinzo’s six adopted sons and complete the “Mother’s Duties”. But the boys (ranging from 30-12 years old) don’t want anything to do with Chisato and are only there for Shinzo’s fortune.


Okura Fu (Kaname Jun): First son- 30 years old. He’s very free-spirited and has a range of talents, but never settles on a job. He couldn’t care less about his “brothers” and most of the time no one knows where he is.

Okura Takeru (Okada Yoshinori): Second son- 27 years old. Takeru dons a “fighting” jacket all the time and is a member of a bike gang, but despite his outward appearance and his phony front, he’s sensitive and kind. He holds a grudge against Sho for leaving Trick Heart Castle for an unknown reason. Takeru was adopted by Shinzo when his father was arrested. He takes pride in stating that he has the power to create miracles in the time of need. (Also guest-stared in Hana Kimi as Ashiya's brother)

Okura Sho (Mukai Osamu): Third son- 25 years old. Sho is a ladies man and works at a hostclub. He left Trick Heart Castle to live on his own for a reason that is revealed later in the story. It becomes apparent that Sho and Takeru were once close.

Okura Masaru (Yamamoto Yusuke): Fourth son- 22 years old. Masaru is a popular magazine model and popular among women, but there’s one small problem. Masaru has a strong phobia of women because of an accident that happened in his past. Masaru was adopted by Shinzo after his parents were killed in a house fire. (also stared in Hana Kimi as Nakatsu's roommate, Kayashima)

Okura Satoru (Seto Koji!!! ^.^): Fifth son- 17 years old. Satoru was once a great magician, even performing on TV specials, but because of a deal with his parents was marked never to perform publically again. Because of this Satoru locked himself in his room for a year, only emerging once coaxed by Chisato.

Okura Akira (Okayama Tomoki): Sixth son- 12 years old. Akira is a genius but couldn’t careless about anyone. He doesn’t even care about Shinzo’s fortune, since he makes his own fortune in stocks. He has one very strange trait: at exactly 9pm he falls asleep no matter where or what position he’s in.

Review: This drama was created by the same team that worked on “Hanazakari no Kimitachi e” in 2007, in which Maki Horikita also stars in. The first episode starts a little slow, but eventually starts getting good when Chisato moves into Trick Heart Castle.

Trick Heart Castle is a funny thing all on its own. Anyone who wishes to enter must know the answer to the gates questions, which tend to change without notice and all center around Shinzo’s favorite performer. Inside the castle there are doors that look like walls and walls that look like doors, trap doors, hidden passages, rooms that only have the purpose for playing tricks on the enterers, and rooms that even the sons never knew existed. The worse room is Chisato’s “bedroom” which is actually a clocktower that is deafening when the clock strikes an hour.

The boys are all amazing, each with contrasting personalities and deep secrets that sometimes the boys themselves don’t even know about. Seto Koji (Kamen Rider Kiva’s Wataru) was an excellent addition to the cast. Somehow he always plays a shut-in. Hm. Takeru and Masaru have to be the two best characters. There’s so much development in these two throughout the series that it’s hard to take your eyes off of them.

The story is more than just between Chisato vs. the boys. She has to face her real father and secrets of her past. The boys have their own secrets that they must share with each other to overcome their pasts. In the drama they learn what a "family" is and how to start relying on people.

Overall, the series is most defiantly worth the watch. Great characters, great story, only complaint is that it can get slow at times.

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